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Tax Tribunal

The Fiji Tax Tribunal is a subordinate Court to the Tax Court.

The Tribunal has jurisdiction —

  1. to review a reviewable decision relating to a tax assessment or tax law, and
  2. exercise any other function or jurisdiction conferred to the Tribunal under Tax Administration Decree 2009 or any other written law.

These written laws include the Tax Administration Decree; the Gambling Turnover Tax Decree;the Hotel Turnover Tax Act; the Income Tax Act; the Land Sales Act; the Value Added Tax Decree; andany other Act, Decree or Promulgation (other than the customs and excise legislation) under which a tax or levy is imposed if responsibility for the general administration of the tax or levy is imposed on the CEO.

The Tribunal has power —

  1. to adjudicate on matters within its jurisdiction relating to disputes up to $50,000; and
  2. to determine claims where the amount in dispute exceeds $50,000 if both parties consent to the Tribunal’s Jurisdiction.
  3. to determine any decision relating to the registration or cancellation of registration of a Tax Agent.
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Media Release

Keynote Address by Chief Justice Anthony Gates
at the Opening of the Fiji Law Society's Convention
"Fundamentals of Private Practice" 25th September 2015,
Novotel, Suva

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